_.random([lower=0], [upper=1], [floating])

source npm package

Produces a random number between the inclusive lower and upper bounds. If only one argument is provided a number between 0 and the given number is returned. If floating is true, or either lower or upper are floats, a floating-point number is returned instead of an integer.

Note: JavaScript follows the IEEE-754 standard for resolving floating-point values which can produce unexpected results.




  1. [lower=0] (number): The lower bound.
  2. [upper=1] (number): The upper bound.
  3. [floating] (boolean): Specify returning a floating-point number.


(number): Returns the random number.


_.random(0, 5);
// => an integer between 0 and 5
// => also an integer between 0 and 5
_.random(5, true);
// => a floating-point number between 0 and 5
_.random(1.2, 5.2);
// => a floating-point number between 1.2 and 5.2