_.throttle(func, [wait=0], [options={}])

source npm package

Creates a throttled function that only invokes func at most once per every wait milliseconds. The throttled function comes with a cancel method to cancel delayed func invocations and a flush method to immediately invoke them. Provide options to indicate whether func should be invoked on the leading and/or trailing edge of the wait timeout. The func is invoked with the last arguments provided to the throttled function. Subsequent calls to the throttled function return the result of the last func invocation.

Note: If leading and trailing options are truefunc is invoked on the trailing edge of the timeout only if the throttled function is invoked more than once during the wait timeout.

If wait is 0 and leading is falsefunc invocation is deferred until to the next tick, similar to setTimeout with a timeout of 0.

See David Corbacho’s article for details over the differences between _.throttle and _.debounce.




  1. func (Function): The function to throttle.
  2. [wait=0] (number): The number of milliseconds to throttle invocations to.
  3. [options={}] (Object): The options object.
  4. [options.leading=true] (boolean): Specify invoking on the leading edge of the timeout.
  5. [options.trailing=true] (boolean): Specify invoking on the trailing edge of the timeout.


(Function): Returns the new throttled function.


// Avoid excessively updating the position while scrolling.
jQuery(window).on('scroll', _.throttle(updatePosition, 100));
// Invoke `renewToken` when the click event is fired, but not more than once every 5 minutes.
var throttled = _.throttle(renewToken, 300000, { 'trailing': false });
jQuery(element).on('click', throttled);
// Cancel the trailing throttled invocation.
jQuery(window).on('popstate', throttled.cancel);